How can I connect the app to Apple Health Kit?

The Arboleaf app is able to make seamless connections to the Apple Health app. Your weight and body composition data can be shared to your Apple Health account automatically. Follow the below steps. You need to have an Apple Health account first.

(1) Open the “Health” app on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Health app

(2) Tap on the “Sources” icon and select “arboleaf” as sources.

Select Arboleaf as Apple Health Source

(3) Tap “Turn All Categories On” to enable all items, or if you like you can customize which items you want to share. The Arboleaf app will synchronize the selected data with Apple Health every time you measure.

Apple Health: Turn All Categories On

(4) When you use your Arboleaf scale to measure, you can see the data from your Apple Health account.

See Arboleaf Measurement Data from Apple Health