How can I connect the app to Fitbit?

The Arboleaf app is able to make seamless connections to the Fitbit app. Your weight and body composition data can be shared to your Fitbit account automatically. Follow the below steps. You need to have a Fitbit account first.

(1) Tap the “Settings” icon on the “My Account” screen.

MyAccount screen tap on Settings

(2) Find and tap on “Fitbit.”

Settings, Fitbit

(3) To enable Fitbit.

need to enable Fitbit

(4) You will see the Fitbit app Log In page, login with your Fitbit account information.

Fitbit login page

(5) Please select “Allow All”, so data from Arboleaf can be connect to your Fitbit account. Tap the “Allow” button once complete.

Fitbit setup page

(6) Now back to the Arboleaf app Settings, and Fitbit is enabled. You are ready to use.

Fitbit enabled

(7) Your Fitbit configurations are done. You only need to do it once, during the initial setup process or afterwards. Once set up, after you measure with your Arboleaf scale, the data will also be uploaded to Fitbit. You can log into your Fitbit app or Fitbit website to see your weight and Body Fat.

Arboleaf scale data shared to your Fitbit account

(8) You need to keep the “Fitbit” button enabled and have good network connectivity to ensure your measurements uploaded to Fitbit. The Arboleaf app will not upload data if the “Fitbit” button is disabled.