How do I connect the scale to the app?

Open the app. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth function is on. Step on the scale to turn on its display. If the current app was not previously connected to any scale, it will automatically sync with the current scale and begin weighing immediately.

initial screen without data yet

If your app has been previously synced with another scale, you’ll need to disconnect the app from that scale. Tap the “+” icon on the upper right corner to enter the “Device Management” screen.

On app Measurements screen, tap the “+” icon on the upper right corner.

Remove a previous scale on the “Device Management” screen, by swiping left and delete, then use the “+” icon to detect a new scale. Or, you may repeat the above step one, to step on the new scale and it should automatically sync the APP to the nearest scale. For details please see the answer to another FAQ question: “How to pair the scale to my phone?