How do I view my data history? Can I delete some of the data?

You can easily view your history with the app, and you can delete data if you want to. All the measurement data are yours, you have full control of your own data.

(1) Tap on the “History” icon (bottom center of the main screen), you will be able to access your measurement history. You can configure your charts by week, month, or by year.


(2) Tap on the “Calendar” icon (upper right corner, a clock alike icon), or click anywhere on the chart to view details, a calendar will appear, with measurement data shown under the calendar.

tap on history chart

History with calendar date selected

(3) To delete a set of measurement data, select a date, and then tap “Select Data” (upper right corner) to select any data set that you want to delete. Tap on the “Delete” icon to remove the selected data from your history. A warning window will pop up to let you confirm that you really want to delete the data.

tap data to delete

delete data warning

(4) When you select a set of measurement data, you can export the data to social media. You can select two or more sets of measurement data, to compare or to export.