How to add a friend?

In the Arboleaf community, your friend can see your weight and body fat, etc., and vice versa you can see your friend’s weight too. In other words, friends share body weight and body composition measurement data. There are many cases you can use this feature. For example, you can share data with your family members. Or you can share data with your friends or your weight-loss buddies to inspire and encourage each other. It is useful when dietitians or fitness coaches want to monitor their clients’ weights and other physical changes.

Follow the steps below to add a friend. In this example, Jessica adds Chris as friend.

(1) Tap on the “My Account” icon (the bottom right corner of the App main screen), then tap “Add a user.”

to add a user

(2) A prompt will appear. Select “Add a Friend.”

to add a friend

(3) Type in your friend’s email (Chris’ email), then “Confirm.”

(4) Now Jessica just sent an invitation to Chris. Chris will see the invitation on his Arboleaf app. Tap on the Message icon on the upper right corner.

(5) Open the message and accept the invitation.

(6) Once the invitation accepted, Chris and Jessica become friends, and they can see each other’s weight and body composition measurement results.

Finally, let’s explain the differences between a Friend and a Scale User. You can see your Scale Users’ profiles and measurement data. You can see your Friends’ measurement data but not profiles. Your Friends can see your measurement data but not your profile. Your Friends don’t see your Scale Users information at all.