How to set up my scale for multiple users?

Your scale supports unlimited number of users. It is perfect for your family use, plus a variety of other applications, like your Yoga classes, weight loss clubs, etc. Follow the steps below to set up your scale for multiple users. Please note that a Scale User differs from a Friend. A Scale User refers to someone using the scale under your account. The options here enable different privacy settings.

(1) Tap on the “My Account” icon (the bottom right corner of the App main screen), then tap “Add a user.”

to add a user

(2) A prompt will appear. Select “Add a Scale User” to add a Scale User under your account. You need to fill this new user’s name and personal info. Tap “Confirm” when complete.

to add a scale user

(3) A friend has his/her own account at Arboleaf, not under your account. Select “Add a Friend” and follow instructions to send an invitation message to this user. If he/she accepts, you two will become friends, and you will see each other’s weight and body composition measurements.

to add a friend

(4) You can see your Scale Users’ profiles and measurement data. You can see your friends’ measurement data but not profiles. Your friends can see your measurement data but not your profile. Your friends don’t see your Scale Users information at all.

account with scale users and friends