How to set up my smart body composition scale?

Setup your smart scale is easy and straightforward. It takes just minutes to get your data after you receive your new scale.

First, install the batteries. You should see the scale display. Your scale is ready. Put the scale on a hard surface, like a hardwood or tile floor. Don’t use the scale on carpet or other soft surfaces.

Next, download the Arboleaf mobile app and register a new account. You can find the app from Apple App Store (iOS app) or Google Play (Android app), search “Arboleaf”, or you can simply scan the QR code (see below) on the back of the scale package box. During the setup, answer yes/allow when a few questions are prompted. Your account will need your gender, birth date, and your height. Fill in the information correctly. You can skip the steps for your Apple Health (iOS app) or Google Fit (Android app), or your Fitbit setup, you can always setup these items later.

Once setup your account, tap on the scale to turn it on, your app should pair with your scale automatically. You are all set, you can use your scale now.

During the setup, the app may ask your permission to send notifications (required if you forget your password), to access your phone’s photo albums (required for your profile photos). Please answer yes/allow to these questions. One important question is that Android users need to allow Arboleaf app access your location. It is for the purpose of the Bluetooth communications only. The app doesn’t use/store your location information. Please answer yes/allow.

For your convenience, scan the below QR code to download the Arboleaf mobile app, iOS or Android.Arboleaf mobile apps QR code