My data seems inaccurate, what should I do?

Your body weight and your body compositions do change. It is normal to see your measurements fluctuate. Even within a same day, data do change if you measure at different times. We suggest you measure at a same time of the day and under same conditions (e.g., before dinner) to maintain measurements in good quality and consistency.

In terms of body compositions, different equipment may give your different readings. Better to focus on relative changes of the values measured by the same device over long periods of time.

If you notice your body weight is obviously incorrect, mostly it is due to the scale incorrectly calibrated. Please follow the procedure to weigh correctly. See here for details.

Regarding body fat, one main reason your body fat value is incorrect is that you may need to change to the Athlete mode. The default mode is for typical users, not bodybuilders. Please see here for more about body fat measurements.