Please advise how to get more accurate measurements

In general, to properly use the Arboleaf Body Composition Smart Scale is easy and straightforward. You just do it naturally, like using a traditional digital bathroom scale. The following provides some general guidelines. To those who need to read warnings or special attentions about the scale, please click here.

(1) First, place the scale on a flat hard surface, such as tile or hardwood floors. Please don’t place the scale on soft carpet. Meanwhile, open the app on your phone.

(2) Next, calibrate the scale before measurements. Tap onto the scale so that the LED display appears. Step off before the reading stabilizes. You should see “CAL” displayed, then return to “0.” At this point, calibration is complete.

(3) Now you are ready to measure. Step on the scale barefoot, make sure your both feet are on the electrode pads on either side. Stand still without movements during the measurement. Your data will be ready in a short while.

(a) Say your weight is 150 lbs, on the scale “150.0 lb” will flash 2 to 3 times, followed by a “0” display, in motion from left to right a few times until the final display of your weight “150.0 lb” appears again and remains on screen for about 5 seconds before turned off. It is a complete process of the scale display.

(b) On the app, your weight will flash until the measurement is done, indicated by a chirp sound. Now all of your body composition data appear on the app.

That’s pretty much it. If you want to measure again, wait a few seconds until the scale’s current display off first before the next measurement. Error may occur if you step back onto the scale too soon.

Our body composition measurements such as body fat are based on the BIA (Bio-electric Impedance Analysis) method. To have a proper reading, make sure both of your feet (yes don’t forget to weigh barefoot) are touching the electrode pads uniformly, as shown here:

The method also needs your gender, age and height information. The measurements are based on your inputs. Incorrect entries may lead to incorrect results.

Finally, we suggest you measure at about same time and under similar conditions every day. Human body’s weight and body compositions do change during the day. Measurements under similar conditions make more reliable and consistent tracking and comparisons. For example, some experts suggest you measure right before dinner in the evening. Some suggest that, to make it convenient, you can measure in the early morning, before any meals and drinks. We suggest you measure after meals/drinks time, so your data will be more consistent, not affected by differences in meals/drinks.