What should I do when the app retrieving unknown measurements?

There are a couple of possible situations.

First, if your scale has more users, or your app has set up multiple users, some other people’s measurements may load to your name. It may also happen when someone is using your scale without your knowledge. It is one case for your app retrieving some unknown measurements.

The Arboleaf Smart Scale and its mobile apps support unlimited number of users. The app will automatically recognize a user’s data when multiple people are using the same scale. However, sometimes the app may mistakenly take someone else’s data as yours. It could happen especially when people’s body weight and body compositions change, different from the past data stored in the cloud while yours are the best match. If it happens, simply delete this record from your results.

A second situation is that your app may pick up data from some other scales. It could happen when your app paired with this scale in the past. You don’t use this scale anymore, but you didn’t delete it from your app either. Then next time your phone is in a proximity of this scale, your app will get data from this scale. To avoid it happen, simply remove these unused scales from your app. You should keep one scale in your app, your own scale.

In general, you can try to avoid such happen by some good practices. Keep your scale for your family uses and keep your app pair to your scale only.

Last, please use your scale often. Don’t wait too long, otherwise the app may not recognize you if your body compositions have changed a lot. To most people, experts suggest you use at weekly basis.