Why can’t I connect to my device?

There are a few possible reasons that your scale can’t connect to your phone or tablet or other devices. Try the following:

(1) Please make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on, the scale is near your device, and the battery is properly installed.

(2) If your device uses Android 6.0 or later versions, during the setup process please make sure you have granted location permissions to the Arboleaf app.

Permissions to allow Arboleaf to access location

Here allow us to remind you that such permission is an Android requirement. The Arboleaf needs this permission for Bluetooth purposes, the app doesn’t use your location in any other purposes. The app doesn’t save your location either. Please read more from the Privacy questions.

(3) If you didn’t set the permissions correctly during the App setup, you can do it from your phone’s setting.

  • Go to your phone Settings menu and find Apps;
  • Find “Arboleaf” in your apps and tap App Info;
  • Enable “Location” permissions.

Find Arboleaf app, from phone Settings then Apps

Arboleaf App info, tap on Permissions

Grant Location permission

Other permissions may be required, if you want to take a photo used as your profile image (Camera, or use an existing photo from your album (Storage).

(4) If you still cannot locate your device, try turning off your GPS, then repeat the above step (3). Give us a call if you still have issues.