Why does the app request my location info?

Actually, we don’t need your location info. It is an Android requirement. For most Android users your location is required in order to use your phone’s Bluetooth.

If your phone uses Android version 6.0 or later versions, you will be prompted to allow the Arboleaf app to access your phone’s location. The Arboleaf app will not be able to read your scale’s data if you deny this request. Please tap the “ALLOW” button during the app setup. If you accidentally denied the access, you need to change it. You can do it from your phone’s settings.

Allow Arboleaf access device's location

Other than for the purpose of Bluetooth functions, the Arboleaf app doesn’t use your location data. We don’t save your location data either.

iOS doesn’t have this requirement. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you don’t have this step.